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Just 1004 Kilometres this Week   Leave a comment

Sometimes I’m nervous about performing in my own town. The old ‘prophet in his own land’ thing. I had a chance to tell stories in my new community, a bedroom community, a place where it seems people come and go too quickly and don’t sit often to listen and share. The library space was filled with families and the stories and I think the stories brought us together and will help me build friendships. That can be their magic!
langham 1

Langham 2

Young, I loved standing under the sign. I still do feel young most days. I don’t want to let that slip away. I think of the organizations I belong to where I am one of the young ones. Young was true to its name, it was the youngest audience I ever told to. There was one four-year old, one three-year old and a half a dozen children two and under. It was a challenge that required more singing than usual but it was fun.

young 1

young 2

road 2

road 3

The road was rough but the journey was a good one.

kenaston 1

kenaston 2

kenaston 3

My mother grew up in Kenaston, it holds some of my favourite memories. I was so happy to visit the library there. I met two new babies, daughters of my cousins who came to listen. There were only a few children in the crowd who were not relatives the rest were children of cousins. I am so grateful for a large family and the chance to share the stories with them.

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GO – Here and There and Everywhere   Leave a comment

The theme for the summer reading program in Canada is GO this year. In my storytelling presentation I am offering the audience an experience of travel to places they know, those they’ve imagined and those long ago. In Eatonia the library is in the old train station and there were maps and pictures of trains and ships all over the walls . What a fun place to jam out “I’ve been Working on the Railroad” with the children.





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Where does the love of the story lead?   Leave a comment


unity 3

unity 2

unity 1I believe in the story. I believe in the story’s power and the connections it can make. After telling The Fishing Story in a small community in Saskatchewan this week a little 8-year boy, wide eyes shining, piped up “Hey, I was there last week, I caught a fish, too!” Such power in the imagination, such power in the connections made. I love this gift I have been granted as a teller and the opportunities to share. it isn’t always easy to be a living, working artist but I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

This week started with the plane journey home from Ottawa where I spent a week with the dear ones who are involved with the Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada. I flew home on Monday and on Tuesday had storytelling gigs in Wilkie and Unity. I love every little library in the province, each has its own charm, its own personality.

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For the love of words   Leave a comment

I was back on the road this week. Each day was amazing, each day was unique, each day included delays because of highway construction. Saskatchewan’s rural libraries are tiny shining gems. I ‘ve visited hundreds of branches and this week I shared stories in 7 of the 28 I will visit this summer. I love the tours and the opportunity to tell stories. More to come!

road 1

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