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Last day in the south, for this month…   Leave a comment

It was the longest day, 3 performance, many kilometres and the late afternoon show took me further away from home than I’d be all summer. I love the variety of the venues on the Summer Reading Tour. The library in Gravelbourg is in what was once a chapel in an old convent school, the acoustics in the huge room are amazing. Wood Mountain, my last stop of the day has hosted me before in the park near the concession. A tiny stream flows through the little clearing surrounded by gnarled trees just down a hill and slightly hidden. If fairies live in Saskatchewan and listen to stories they would have been at this performance listening to my voice accompanied by the water and the rustling leaves.
lafleche 1

lafleche 2

wood mountain 1

wood mountain 2gravelbourg 1

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A little further south…   Leave a comment

Does a storytelling performance in Climax mean I’ve reached the peak of my career? They’ve heard every joke but the folks in climax were a highlight of the week. They had a great, well-cared for 1970’s era swimming pool and we had the weather to enjoy it!

climax 1

climax 3

climax 4

climax 5

How can a person not feel like an explorer when they reach Frontier? This is one of the furthest points in the south west corner of Saskatchewan I’ve ever been. My four corners of performing in Saskatchewan are now La Loche, Sandy bay, Frontier and Oxbow.
frontier 1

frontier 2

frontier 3

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The first full day in the Chinook Regional Library   Leave a comment

Sunny days and time on the road. It doesn’t get any better than this. The stories lead me down the highway and along the way I discover more. Leader gave me the story of a friendly but hard of hearing hotel operator and the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in with both children.
leader 1

leader 2

leader 3

leader 4

maple creek 1

maple creek 2

maple creek 3

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Linking in to last year   Leave a comment

Here is a link to a Culture Days blog featuring some of the work I did last year as an animateur. It was a great gig!

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