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Sometimes I’m nervous about performing in my own town. The old ‘prophet in his own land’ thing. I had a chance to tell stories in my new community, a bedroom community, a place where it seems people come and go too quickly and don’t sit often to listen and share. The library space was filled with families and the stories and I think the stories brought us together and will help me build friendships. That can be their magic!
langham 1

Langham 2

Young, I loved standing under the sign. I still do feel young most days. I don’t want to let that slip away. I think of the organizations I belong to where I am one of the young ones. Young was true to its name, it was the youngest audience I ever told to. There was one four-year old, one three-year old and a half a dozen children two and under. It was a challenge that required more singing than usual but it was fun.

young 1

young 2

road 2

road 3

The road was rough but the journey was a good one.

kenaston 1

kenaston 2

kenaston 3

My mother grew up in Kenaston, it holds some of my favourite memories. I was so happy to visit the library there. I met two new babies, daughters of my cousins who came to listen. There were only a few children in the crowd who were not relatives the rest were children of cousins. I am so grateful for a large family and the chance to share the stories with them.

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The theme for the summer reading program in Canada is GO this year. In my storytelling presentation I am offering the audience an experience of travel to places they know, those they’ve imagined and those long ago. In Eatonia the library is in the old train station and there were maps and pictures of trains and ships all over the walls . What a fun place to jam out “I’ve been Working on the Railroad” with the children.





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unity 3

unity 2

unity 1I believe in the story. I believe in the story’s power and the connections it can make. After telling The Fishing Story in a small community in Saskatchewan this week a little 8-year boy, wide eyes shining, piped up “Hey, I was there last week, I caught a fish, too!” Such power in the imagination, such power in the connections made. I love this gift I have been granted as a teller and the opportunities to share. it isn’t always easy to be a living, working artist but I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

This week started with the plane journey home from Ottawa where I spent a week with the dear ones who are involved with the Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada. I flew home on Monday and on Tuesday had storytelling gigs in Wilkie and Unity. I love every little library in the province, each has its own charm, its own personality.

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I was back on the road this week. Each day was amazing, each day was unique, each day included delays because of highway construction. Saskatchewan’s rural libraries are tiny shining gems. I ‘ve visited hundreds of branches and this week I shared stories in 7 of the 28 I will visit this summer. I love the tours and the opportunity to tell stories. More to come!

road 1

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Culture Days are this Weekend and Every Day in Saskatchewan  

Saskatchewan is rich in culture. There are many experiences to explore every day if you keep your senses tuned to what is going on all around. There are many volunteers who keep the stories of the past alive and there are those who spend their days creating spaces where diversity strengthens community instead of pulling people apart. I am proud to be part of the cultural community in this place. Passionate people excite me as I want to try for myself what others love. I look for places where people gather in small groups and at large festivals. Last weekend I attended a storytelling circle, ate potluck treats-many created from garden produce, went to a storytelling retreat, tried very hard to get to some musical performances and spent some time at the Word on the Street in Saskatoon. This weekend I’ll be taking in a variety of events around west central Saskatchewan. I can’t wait!
Culture is necessary to me.
Culture is breath to me.
Culture is everyday to me.
Culture is passion to me.
Culture is always near to me.


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More School Pix and More  

I’ve done workshops over the past few months at summer day camps, at extended care homes, at an immunization clinic, at libraries and at schools. My last were today in the community I have just been calling home for about a month. I’ve put on thousands of kilometres and after carefully adding up the data I collected while on the road have figured out that I have had 1011 participants in the workshops. That is a lot of smiles, hundreds and hundreds of beads and more than 2000 feet of coloured ribbon. It has been an honour to share time with people from 0-103 years old listening to little bits of their stories. I am amazed by the creativity and delighted by the fun I’ve had on this journey.
Culture Days are almost here. Are you ready? I am so excited.



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Back to Schools  

What a great start to the school year. I’ve put on a lot of miles and talked to a lot of people about Culture Days. As an animateur I created the workshop to reach out to people wherever they were and wherever they wanted me with a hands-on cultural activity. I’ve heard a lot of great story starts and met a lot of wonderful folks of every age. The best compliment so far from a 3rd grader named Kayla, “That story wasn’t just good, it was marvelous and good.”
I feel like a rock star!


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Culture Takes the Pain Away  

“You didn’t say I had to have a needle today!!!” the young boy stormed out of the nurse’s office and into the hallway glaring at his mother. He was coming straight for me and in my calmest voice I asked him if he’d like to share a story with me. He sat down beside me rubbing his bandaged arm and looked straight into me eyes. This little guy needed a story. Just before school started up I set up my Culture Days information, artist trading card materials and story word beads at the drop-in immunization clinic in Lloydminster. One of the nurses had attended the Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation’s AGM and was interested in Culture Days and my animateur project. I expected it would be one of my strangest events. It was actually really quite lovely. Families came in and waited for their turn and after the needles were given they had to stay around for about 15 minutes to make sure there were no adverse reactions to the immunizations. It gave me time to talk to them about Culture Days and the activities at the Barr Colony Centre. Children had a chance to create artist trading cards and colour the I Love Culture pages. The stories gave them something to think about while they recovered from their needles. The little boy who was mad at his mother and I sat for quite a while adding beads to a story and imagining life as a dragon. He was quite sure dragons would like soup but would have nothing at all to do with rice. His parents had to drag him away from me after about half an hour of creative story play. Throughout the day I spent time remembering some of the stories from my childhood and sharing a hands-on activity with young families. No one left the building in tears and I’m pretty sure it was culture and the stories that took the pain away.

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One of my favourite places to visit is Prince Albert National Park. As a child I hoped we’d see a bear and hoped we’d camp in an area with flush toilets, as I teenager I drove up to hang out in the sun when I supposed to be staying in the city and as an adult I love to share it with my family. It has rich natural and cultural experiences and wonderful interpretive staff who deliver interesting programs and take care of interesting artifacts and displays. With recent government cuts I’m fearful of a future where these great programs won’t exist. I’m even more worried about the National Historic Parks where I’ve heard staff will be cut and I fear many of the stories that bring the history alive will be lost. I believe in history and its importance in our presence and future.

Our weekend in the park was great, we enjoyed the water, learned about shack tents and wolves and I stopped in at a few places to talk about Culture Days. Prince Albert National Park is a unique place. Park staff told me I couldn’t put up any information about Culture Days in their facilities and suggested I visit the private businesses. Most will be closed by the end of September. I did remind people to watch for activities wherever they may be from September 28th to 30th.

We had cultural experiences in the park in August including a personal mini concert where park staffed were charmed by the smile of my wee niece.




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Saskatchewan is rich in history and talent. There are many places the intersect. Imhoff Studio just outside of St. Walburg is one such place. Count Imhoff used rich colours and had what he called perfect perspective. The eyes and feet of several of his paintings seem to move with you as you move around the studio where you are surrounded by massive works of art and a wall of natural light. Michelle Brownridge and I almost missed our lunch between Culture Days information meetings as we were priveledged to be given the gift of a tour of the studio by the wife of the grandson of the artist. A visual artist herself, Michelle promised to tell her friends about the studio. Our guide told us stories about the artist only a family member would know and opened a room in her home preserved with original furnishings and treasures that had belonged to the artist. The Imhoff family is immersed in culture every day as they live in and share a world of great work, carefully preserving it for present and future generations. 




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I love being able to touch a variety of ages with a story. This week I hit the road again taking the storytelling workshop to 4 more communities. I spent Tuesday afternoon in Biggar with a large group of children attending the summer fun day camp. The staff members were great and the children were a lot of fun.

On Wednesday morning I headed out to the Friendship Centre in Lloydminster to work with a smaller group. As we began to develop new stories a group of the children began to find a story about a pilot named jet who screamed as he was bitten by a spider. It continued with a janitor having to fly the plane. This came from story beads with the words “jet”, “scream” and “spider”.

Later in the afternoon  I had a multi-generational group gathered at the Neilburg library with babies to grandmothers. I’ve done storytelling concerts in this venue before and it was a joy to  sit and listen to what they could come up with. The words “dragon” and “skates” lead a pair of boys to begin telling a story about a dragon who wanted to play hockey but couldn’t stop melting the ice with his fiery breath.

On Friday I drove the scenic highway to Paradise Hill. I spent an hour with a group of residents at the extended care home. The oldest resident was 103 and she spoke softly with a gleam in her eye, laughing easily and often. One of the men got a story bead with the word “pig”. He shared a story with us about raising pigs and the time he stayed awake all night long delivering and caring for 16 piglets born on very cold night. It was an honour to be part of a discussion about how much has changed in the area in the past 100 years.

The stories keep swirling, what a great time!

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Welcome! Please come back soon to find out more about my storytelling!

It has been a crazy week with moving from one town to another, trade fair and party performances and the vw bug fire. My life is always interesting and I’m glad, it gives me more stories to share.



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